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      Zhengda new web site electrical carbon online

      Haimen Zhengda Carbon Products Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of various electricity carbon. It associates with the internal well-known electricity carbon trade making up into the scientific research production combination. As a result of the development for many years, the company has become a comprehensive corporation specializing in carbon products. It is the first company to legalize by way of ISO9001-2000's Edition among the internal electricity trade. The company is equipped with solid technical forces, advanced high technology and perfect craft equipments, taking 'Technology is key, quality is life, customer is god' as its tenet.

      In recent years, the company has been persisted in the following quality policy: Meticulous management, perfect products, and sincere service. By the superiority of the human resources, the first -rate equipment and the transformation of advanced technology and directions for producing, the products of the company has undergone the strict tests of customers during the trade. And now these products have been widely applied to several domains, popular to people with good comments. The company owns solid technical forces: There are more than 10 widely-experienced engineers, technicians and professional technicians, there are high precision equipments transferred from Japan, England and Germany. Transferred the technology of Shanghai rub carbon product, the company are producing various kind of products, such as Electrical brush, Electrical machinery production with brush holder, carbon brushAutomobile brush, Motor-driven tool with the brush, the outfit electrical machinery parts and spring as well as various graphite products, and so on. Those products not only sell good in home market but also has a certain sale in international market. They have been exported to many countries and regions, such as America, the Republic of Korean, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on. We will provide the most preferential price to all the new and old customers while pledging the quality of products. 

      All us in Yuandian will keep improving to express our gratitude to our new and old customers for your support and deep love for our company in these years. We would very much like to go forward with more new and old customers hand in hand, creating more glorious achievements.

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